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Nikia Shanard


Nikia Shanard is an American entrepreneur in the industries of music and fashion. First surfacing in the mid 90’s, under the tutelage of legendary record mogul Jimmy “Luv” Jenkins, Nikia found moderate success as a promoter for Uptown Records, which at the time was the pinnacle of Hip-Hop by way of rap sensations such as Father MC, Heavy D and a burgeoning Mary J. Blige. A natural businessman, he had also created a clothing line fashioned after & capitalizing off the rise of Hip-Hop into the mainstream. Disillusioned by the lack of cultural diversity and resource in Florida where he completed his secondary education he transitioned to Los Angeles where he was discovered by fashion designer legend TJ Walker, Co-Founder of the 90’s largest global streetwear phenomenon Cross Colours clothing brand, another mentor credited with nurturing his technical sensibilities eventually resulting in the birth of his current high-end apparel manufacturing company/marketing company, Toil & Leisure, and subsidiary luxury brands.

Currently, Nikia is partnered with digital marketer Darren Lebel as owner and co-founder of Digital 24k, servicing digital marketing and social media needs for RCA, Def Jam, Roc Nation and Atlantic records. His own label NiVe Entertainment Group, (also serving as a Distribution company, housing A.O.M. Publishing, co-owned by Pranav “Nav Menon” Narayanan) works alongside Ralph “Round” Roundtree and Jervis L. Cole, lending management credits to social media influencer Skai Beauty and recording artists Holly Monroe, Keke Nova, SAMXWAR and MODSi. His body of work to date, as a self-made entrepreneur distinguishes Nikia as a leader with a reputation as an honest businessman who thrives from diversity and displays a strong history of mentorship in the various areas of his expertise.

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